Project 80K and 8K

This year I embarked on what I call Project 80K and 8K, with no fanfare.  8k means I will bike 8,000 miles this year. That’s probably what I do in a normal year, though I don’t usually keep track.  (The last year I kept track was 1980—my last year racing.)  80K means I’ll get my weight down to 80 kg., or 176 pounds.  I am actually aiming for 175, which is my college weight.

So how am I doing?  I started the year a bit slow.  Mileage-wise, my months have been as follows:

Jan.        651 mis.

Feb.       455

March   600

April       917

May       998

Total YTD= 3634 miles

So I started slow, but am getting in good position to meet my goal.  212 of those miles were with my disabled son Nolan on a tandem.

nolan and me selfie

Nolan and me at Star Nut in McLean VA.

April was a pretty good month, because I got back to doing a longish ride every weekend.  The last weekend in April I did three rides, including a 20 miler with Nolan – an out and back group ride from the Wiehle Avenue metro to Fairfax County Springfest in Chantilly.  Nolan enjoys group rides, and his rides need a destination so this ride was perfect.  We saw turtles, a hawk, and an owl at Springest.

May was an even better month.  I finally got some dirt road riding.  I rode to a place near Middleburg to meet my wife and Nolan the second to last Thursday. That meant a 63-mile day, including my daily commute followed by my ride to Middleburg.  My route included the W&OD (to Smith’s Switch Station Road), then some really busy roads, followed by some rural roads, both paved and unpaved.  Would have been great ride had it not rained, but even in the rain it was pretty great.  I did have to stop for ten minutes during a torrential downpour though.  Glad I took my raincoat.

That Friday I rode about two miles with Nolan on dirt roads.  It was too hilly where we were staying to do more with Nolan. Saturday I did a short ride, some on dirt roads, by the Philomont General Store and on roads local cyclists would know, such as Jeb Stuart Road (NOT in the direction where you have to ford the creek).  Sunday I road home, but by a circuitous route that took me over many dirt roads, including several I recognized from past rides. It was a pleasant 77 miler, despite about 45 minutes of rain early on.

bike loudon

Bike on a bridge over a creek on a dirt road in Loudon Cnty.

The following weekend saw me do three rides again, one with Nolan.  May put me over 700 miles per month average, so I am now on track for 8000 for the year.

My weight? Despite formulating Project 8K and 80K before the New Year, I didn’t even bother to weight myself or start dieting until April.  On April 3 I decided I needed to start, and I weighed myself.  14 stone, 12 pounds.  It sounds better that way, since no one knows what a stone is.  But it’s 208 pounds. Ouch.  Next day, after first day of my diet, 209 pounds! Double ouch.  But today I am down to 195, so I am off to a decent start. Still, I doubt at this pace I will reach 175.