Coffeeneuring wrap-up

Where City/Town What Nolan Drank What I Drank Comments
McLean Family Restaurant McLean VA Chocolate Milk Coffee Usual ride to/from Clemyjontri playground. Full breakfast at MFR. We love MFR!
Star Nut McLean VA Strawberry Smoothie Mexican Mayan Mocha Usual ride to Clemyjontri. Best coffee!
Green Lizard Cycling Herndon VA Mango Smoothie Mocha Out and back on the W&OD.
Sweetbites McLean VA Chocolate milk mocha Usual Clemyjontri ride. Great pastries at this stop!
Caffe Amouri Vienna VA Mango smoothie Dark drip coffee Trip to Reston Zoo! Nolan rode a horse and a camel. We ride home in the dark from Caffe Amouri.
Greenbury’s Coffee and Tea McLean VA Chocolate milk Drip coffee Usual ride to and from Clemyjontri.
Mike’s Deli at Lazy Sundae Falls Church VA Chocolate shake Drip coffee Usual ride to and from Clemyjontri, with detour through Falls Church

Best coffee: Mexican Mayan Mocha at Star Nut in McClean.

Best drinks for both us: tie: Star Nut and Green Lizard and Caffe Amouri all offer excellent coffee and smoothies.

Favorite place: McLean Family Restaurant: full breakfast and great service, and they treat Nolan great.

Favorite ride overall: Week 5-round trip ride to Reston Zoo.

Best pastries: Sweetbites! Where the owner is an environmental scientist turned pastry chef. I took some biscuits home.

Most visited locale: McLean, since it is on the Clemyjontri route.

Farthest ride: Green Lizard Cycling, 11 miles out and 11 miles back. I wasn’t sure Nolan could go 11 miles without complaining but he did! We’d never been that far on the W&OD.


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