Coffeeneuring with Nolan #6

Another ride to Clemyjontri with Nolan; another stop for coffee and other beverage on the way home.  This time we went to Greenbury’s Coffee and Tea in McLean, Virginia. I had a drip coffee; Nolan had chocolate milk.  We split two pieces of cake, one red velvet and the other lemon poppy seed.  Everything was good.

Bike-friendliness?  The shop was a bike to work pit stop, so I’ll give them credit for that.  Otherwise, it was not more or less bike-friendly than any other place in McLean.  There was no bike rack within sight.

I forgot to take a photo.  So, as proof we stopped there, I give my word of honor as a lawyer and officer of the court.  Plus, here’s a cut and past of my charge card statement:

11/09/15 PURCHASE PP*GREENBERR MC Lean VA CARD1445   $13.92

The ride totaled 14 miles.  The last 2 miles were in the dark.

6 down, 1 to go.


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