Coffeeneuring wrap-up

Where City/Town What Nolan Drank What I Drank Comments
McLean Family Restaurant McLean VA Chocolate Milk Coffee Usual ride to/from Clemyjontri playground. Full breakfast at MFR. We love MFR!
Star Nut McLean VA Strawberry Smoothie Mexican Mayan Mocha Usual ride to Clemyjontri. Best coffee!
Green Lizard Cycling Herndon VA Mango Smoothie Mocha Out and back on the W&OD.
Sweetbites McLean VA Chocolate milk mocha Usual Clemyjontri ride. Great pastries at this stop!
Caffe Amouri Vienna VA Mango smoothie Dark drip coffee Trip to Reston Zoo! Nolan rode a horse and a camel. We ride home in the dark from Caffe Amouri.
Greenbury’s Coffee and Tea McLean VA Chocolate milk Drip coffee Usual ride to and from Clemyjontri.
Mike’s Deli at Lazy Sundae Falls Church VA Chocolate shake Drip coffee Usual ride to and from Clemyjontri, with detour through Falls Church

Best coffee: Mexican Mayan Mocha at Star Nut in McClean.

Best drinks for both us: tie: Star Nut and Green Lizard and Caffe Amouri all offer excellent coffee and smoothies.

Favorite place: McLean Family Restaurant: full breakfast and great service, and they treat Nolan great.

Favorite ride overall: Week 5-round trip ride to Reston Zoo.

Best pastries: Sweetbites! Where the owner is an environmental scientist turned pastry chef. I took some biscuits home.

Most visited locale: McLean, since it is on the Clemyjontri route.

Farthest ride: Green Lizard Cycling, 11 miles out and 11 miles back. I wasn’t sure Nolan could go 11 miles without complaining but he did! We’d never been that far on the W&OD.


Nolan and I complete coffeneuring!

My son Nolan and I have completed coffeeneuring for the second year!  Not bad for a 13 year old with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Coffeeneuring ride #7 began as the usual ride to Clemyjontri playground on Saturday, Nov. 14.  When we left the playground around 2 or so, Nolan was hungry and wanted waffles.  That mean going to McLean Family Restaurant.  We’d been there before for coffeeneuring, so we couldn’t count that.  We had also exhausted good coffee stops in McLean. (We haven’t been to Chesapeake Bagel bakery, and I thought of that, but he wanted waffles, so…)

Nolan at McLean Family restaurant:


We were both wearing Dartmouth College Cycling team hats.  I was pleasantly surprised he agreed to wear one.  He usually objects to hats or gloves.  His hands were cold after the ride as he did refuse to wear gloves. We were both wearing green wool trainers from Belgium too.  We don’t go fast but we look good.

After MFR, we stopped at Your Dog’s Best Friend, the pet supply store next to MFR.  They have a “guard cat,” Rambo.  We always visit him before or after MFR.  Nolan petting Rambo:

petting Rambo

We then shopped at Treasure Trove,  the used clothing store nearby, where I bought a Christmas present for my daughter.  Nolan is greeted by name at all of these places, which I really like, as we are regulars.

Now we needed to go somewhere for our final coffeeneuring ride.  I chose Falls Church, which is not too far out of the way for us and because we hadn’t been there.  I would have liked to get a hard cider at Mad Fox, but I checked their menu and the only kids drinks are “fountain drinks.”  I try to make these rides fun for Nolan (rule #1 on a tandem: keep the stoker happy), so instead we went to Mike’s Deli at Lazy Sundae, which is just off the W&OD on West Street, next to the 7-11. Nolan had a chocolate milk shake and a cookie, and I had a decent if not great cup of joe and a crumb cake.  Very bike-friendly, as far as location goes.  No bike rack though. They have outside seating, which was nice considering the great weather.

Nolan at Lazy Sundae:

Lazy Sundae

Ride total: including everything, probably 15 miles.

Coffeeneuring with Nolan #6

Another ride to Clemyjontri with Nolan; another stop for coffee and other beverage on the way home.  This time we went to Greenbury’s Coffee and Tea in McLean, Virginia. I had a drip coffee; Nolan had chocolate milk.  We split two pieces of cake, one red velvet and the other lemon poppy seed.  Everything was good.

Bike-friendliness?  The shop was a bike to work pit stop, so I’ll give them credit for that.  Otherwise, it was not more or less bike-friendly than any other place in McLean.  There was no bike rack within sight.

I forgot to take a photo.  So, as proof we stopped there, I give my word of honor as a lawyer and officer of the court.  Plus, here’s a cut and past of my charge card statement:

11/09/15 PURCHASE PP*GREENBERR MC Lean VA CARD1445   $13.92

The ride totaled 14 miles.  The last 2 miles were in the dark.

6 down, 1 to go.

Coffeeneuring with Nolan ## 4 and 5

Saturday October 31 we did the usual ride to Clemyjontri, the World’s Greatest Playground.  On the way there, Nolan wanted a drink, so we did the coffeeneuring part of the ride before rather than after the playground.

We went to Sweetbites in McLean.  It’s on Elm Street, between Chain Bridge Road and Dolley Madison (123).  I had a mocha.  Nolan had two chocolate milks.  They were both very good.  The chocolate milk was made using the good dark chocolate they use for making mocha coffees.

What really made this a treat however were the pastries–a biscuit and a blueberry muffin.  They were out of this world, and I purchased a bag of biscuits to take home for dinner (a coffeeneuring first).

Bike-friendly–the usual comment about McLean.  Good enough for bikes if not perfect (no bike lanes or paths).  Unfortunately, no bike rack here either.  We leaned our tandem against the wall.  No problem.

Photo of Nolan at Sweetbites:


Note that he’s wearing a Halloween appropriate jersey under his trainer.

From there we rode to Clemyjontri.  A boy named Jonathan asked Nolan to play with him, and they did play together for a while.  Might not seem like a big thing, but given Nolan’s development level he doesn’t generally play with other kids.  I was pleasantly surprised that Nolan did try to play with Jonathan for a while. (Nolan said that Jonathan’s mother was a “big girl.”)

Then we rode home, stopping for a late lunch at McLean Family Restaurant. Ride total was about 14 miles.

Nolan trick or treating that night:

Nolan Halloween 2015

He was a train engineer.

Sunday, we rode to Reston Zoo, a small private zoo in Reston.  I didn’t want to ride Hunter Mill Road with Nolan  (too narrow and uphill), so I sought a route from Google Maps.  It showed a route through Lake Fairfax park, which I knew to be unpaved.  Google maps does this, as i learned the hard way trying to get to my Daughter’s concert at a middle school (she was student teaching there) last week, but that’s another story. So I took the W&OD to Wiehle Rd., and on a path I found (also using Google maps) that ran though woods and suburban neighborhoods for a couple of miles.  Fairly hilly and covered with wet leaves.

At the zoo, Nolan rode a horse and a camel.

Nolan on horseNolan riding camel Nov 1 2015

He had a blast.

We left and returned the way we came, stopping at Caffe Amouri in Vienna for a mango smoothie and a dark drip coffee.  Both were excellent.  We had an almond croissant and a muffin too. Also good.

Very bike-friendly, as it is on Church St. just a 1/2 block from the W&OD. It has a bike rack, but it didn’t work for our 20 inch tires. We leaned the tandem against the railing and locked it to the railing. No Problem.

Ride distance: about 24 miles total, though the cafe is just 3 miles from out house.

We need 2 more coffeeneuring rides to complete the 7 over the next two more weekends.  But I am traveling next weekend, so Nolan and i will need to do two the following weekend, the final one.  Let’s hope for good weather!