Coffeeneuring with Nolan, ## 2 and 3

Catching up on my coffeeneuring reportage.

Coffeeneur # 2 (Oct. 17) was the usual ride to Clemyjontri Playground, where we spent hours, mostly on the swing and the carousel. On our way home, we stopped at Star Nut in McLean.  Nolan had a strawberry smoothie. starwberry smoothie

I had a Mexican Mayan Mocha.  We each had croissants.

coffee and croisants at Star Nut

The coffee was great.  And you can’t get this anywhere else.  Mexican Mayan Mocha is to a mocha as Mexican Hot Chocolate is to hot chocolate–it has cinnamon and other spices in it.

Bike-friendliness: okay.  There’s a bike rack in back though we parked along the building.  It’s in McLean, where there are no bike lanes, but we have no problem negotiating there on a tandem.

Distance: 14 miles round-trip.

Coffeeneur # 3 was on Sunday Oct. 25.  (We did the usual ride to Clemyjontri on Saturday, and stopped at McLean family Restaurant, but couldn’t count that under coffeeneuring rules because we’d already been there.)  Something new today: an out and back ride on the W&OD with no playground stop.

We went to Green Lizard Cycling in Herndon, right by the W&OD. Nolan had a mango smoothie.  I had a mocha. We also had croissants.  Everything was great, including the very friendly service.  I also bought some handlebar tape on the table of deeply discounted stuff.  A friendly employee took this picture of Nolan and me by our bike outside:

Nolan and I at Green Lizard

Note Nolan’s great new wool jersey.

Bike-friendliness: 5 stars.  It’s a bike shop, with bike rack in front (not adequate for our tandem), and just across the street from the W&OD.  You can’t get bike-friendlier.

The ride was 22 miles roundtrip.  Nolan held up well.  I’d never taken him past Hunter Mill Road before, and I haven’t done that recently even.


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