First coffeeneur with Nolan 2015

We are back coffeeneuring. Last year Nolan, now aged 13, really got into riding on the Bike Friday Family Tandem, and we completed seven coffeeneuring rides as a team. I hope to do the same this year.

So on Sunday, with no rain, we set out as we usually do. As usual, Nolan was excited about all of the preparations. Putting on “bike clothes.” On Sunday, Nolan was wearing long cycling tights, his Curious George cycling jersey, and his new to him wool trainer that I recently purchased off of eBay. It says “V.C. Tillfois” on the back—for Velo-Club Tilffois, a club in Belgium. Then we pumped up the tires and set off. We rode to McLean Family Restaurant (MFR) on Chain Bridge Road in McLean, . Before going in to eat, we visited “Rambo,” the cat that guards the pet supply store next to MFR. At MFR, Nolan had waffles, turkey sausages, and chocolate milk; I had a veggie omelet with coffee. Here’s is a picture of Nolan eating:

Nolan at MFR

Doesn’t he look good in that trainer!  I wore my green wool trainer as well so we’d look like a team.

I love MFR! Great breakfast place. The coffee is not specialty coffee-just drip coffee-but it is fine. The staff all know Nolan and greet him by name, which he and I really like. We usually get the same table even, like we are regulars (which we are).

Then we road to Clemyjontri playground in Langley, the world’s greatest playground. After spending hours there (on the swing, the carousel, and this summer, the train ride), we returned to MFR for lunch! (Note: bike rides with Nolan are expensive!) After lunch, we got into a discussion about our tandem with a family outside. They were very interested in the pedals, which I had bought from a maker of expensive bikes for disabled kids. They have two Velcro straps and keep Nolan’s feet straight. The family’s ten-year old daughter has cerebral palsy and weakness in one leg that has prevented her from riding a bike on her own and they were very interested in my solution to the problem of riding with a disabled kid.

Then we road home. Total mileage: 14 miles.

All the way home, Nolan said “wash the bike.” So when we got home we did that.  After washing the tandem, we washed my road bike-filthy from ride in rain day before.  And then the cross bike.  Then he “helped” me work on bikes.


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