Coffeeneuring rules in a nutshell

Some folks can’t believe the number of rules that coffeeneuring has.  I myself was surprised by the intricacies of coffeeneuring when I first saw the rules last year. But it was clear that the rules could be broken down, so I did that for my own use.  Clearly, it isn’t very complicated once you break it down and decide that some of the rules just don’t apply to you (like Canadian Thanksgiving, or the “Tara Rule”).

This year, I have done that again.  Below I present my results. I have broken the rules down into shorter parts, using most of coffeeneur’s original language, but deleting some words and rearranging a bit.  For example, the rules on when you can count a week-day I place as exceptions to Rule 1’s requirement that all rides be on a weekend. I have cut the rules in half, without losing any content! (I don’t consider deletion of “no geographical limitations” rule a substantive deletion as none of the remaining rules pose such a limitation.)  Of course, @coffeeneur’s original rules remain the “official” ones.  For the most part, I have retained coffeeneur’s original wording, sometimes indicating words left out by an elipsis and at other times putting new language in brackets, though at times I reworded a bit without use of such editing devices.  I have added a couple of my own notes, in brackets with the word “Note.”

So, with thanks and apologies to Mary “@coffeeneur”, here are the rules in a nutshell:

1.  Ride your bike to 7 different local coffee shops [or to a Coffee Shop Without Walls] from Saturday Oct. 3 through Sunday, Nov. 15.  …
a)  A Coffee Shop Without Walls is a park, campsite, etc., where you make/drink coffee.
b)  [Note: I do coffeeneuring with my 13-year old, and I count family restaurants as “coffee shops” since I drink coffee or tea there]

2.  Only Saturday and Sunday rides qualify. Exceptions:

a) You have a job that does not have a Monday through Friday tour of duty. In that case, your days off are considered your weekend.

b) You are retired, in which case you may choose any two days to complete your coffeeneuring outings.
c)  Columbus Day weekend (Oct. 10-12), you have three days to accomplish two qualifying coffeeneuring rides. …
d)  Canadian Thanksgiving: Residents of Canada may use Canadian Thanksgiving in place of Columbus Day.
e)  Vacation Rule: You may coffeeneur any two days of the week while on vacation.
f)  Veterans Day Rule: You may coffeeneur on Nov. 11, Veteran’s Day, INSTEAD of the previous Saturday or Sunday. Veterans are permitted to coffeeneur on November 11 in ADDITION to the weekend days, in recognition of their service.

3.  Only 1 coffee shop per day counts ….

4.  Jot down a summary of your experience that includes:
a)  where you went (address and website, if possible)
b)  date
c)  what you drank
d)  a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride, including your assessment of the “bike friendliness” of the location; and
e)  total mileage. …

5.  Submit a photo or some other form of evidence that you rode your bike for coffee ….

6.  Hot chocolate qualifies, as does tea. Apple cider is also a coffeeneuring-approved beverage. Note: Drinks do not have to be hot! They just have to be coffeeneuring-ish type drinks.
a)  [Note: Rules do not exclude hard cider! But not sure you’d find that in a “coffee shop.”  I’m gonna have to work on this though.]
b)  [Note: I count milk, smoothies, etc. for my 13-year old.]
c)  Buying Beans Rule: You may use ONE of your seven coffeeneuring trips to purchase beans (or tea) from your local roaster or tea emporium for future consumption.

7.  You may not combine your coffeeneuring ride with any other ride such as an organized century, populaire, or brevet. You may, however, combine your coffeeneuring ride with a casual shop ride, grocery run, [etc.] (If you do an organized ride, you may do another, separate coffeeneuring ride on the same day, e.g., a pre- or post-event ride to get
a latte either before or after your organized ride.)

8.  … must be at least two miles total ….

9.  Submission requirements:
a)  Deadline for submitting Coffeeneuring Challenge entries is … midnight in your area on Nov. 25, 2015.
b)  Send submissions to [Mary] at gersemalina “at” They may be in the form of links to blog writeups, screenshots of or links to your coffeeneuring Tweets, [etc.]. UPDATE! If you complete the challenge as a group, you may
provide one submission for all of you, provided you completed all rides together.
c)  Provide all qualifying rides at the same time. That is, send [Mary] all 7 together.

10.  Prizes! You are eligible for a small prize for finishing the challenge. Because of the increased interest in coffeeneuring, the premium will cost $___([Mary]’ll let you know!) which covers [her] costs. To purchase your prize, you may PayPal [Mary] at the gmail address above, or send your money by snail mail like grandma used to do. Email [Mary] for [her] address. If you are an international entry the prize will cost you an extra US $1.


3 thoughts on “Coffeeneuring rules in a nutshell

  1. I must protest, my dear friend in coffeeneuring! I think you’ve left out the essential bits about folks who work non-standard schedules – which is kind of important to a lot of folks. Some people have Tuesday and Wednesdays as RDO’s. Some people (like my last job) have different days off different weeks.

    “After much debate, it has been determined that only Saturday and Sunday rides qualify. Weekday rides are ineligible, unless one of the following applies to you: a. You have a job that does not have a Monday through Friday tour of duty. In that case, your days off are considered your weekend; or b. You are retired, in which case you may choose any two days to complete your coffeeneuring outings. No other exceptions, unless you can make a convincing case for one.”


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