Coffeeneuring has begun

Although I plan to complete coffeeneuring with my son and stoker Nolan, age 13, just as I did last year, I started by doing my own coffeeneuring ride on Saturday October 3. I was going to ride the Culpeper Century, but it was cancelled due to weather. They may have had flooding in Culpeper and might have expected more, but in Northern Virginia we had only a light drizzle, so I set off to ride the W&OD.

From my house in Dunn Loring to the end of the W&OD in Purcelville is 72 miles roundtrip. I wanted to get in a decent length ride because next weekend I plan to ride the Cannonball Century on a tandem with my sister Mary, and I hadn’t had a longish weekend ride in a couple of weeks. I was thinking of actually adding some miles on the road past Purcelville, but by the time I got there I was cold and wet. So I stopped for coffee at veloville USA,, a combination bike shop and coffee shop, where the mechanic/barista commented on my Serotta when I went in.

I had a mocha, which was excellent. Veloville

I apologize for the bad photo, which was due to the camera lens being wet from the rain.

Veloville gets its beans from Hopscotch Coffee, in Winchester Virginia. My daughter is in her last semester at Shenandoah Conservatory in Winchester and works part-time at Hopscotch. King Street Coffee in Leesburg–also just of the W&OD–also gets its beans from Hopscotch.

Is this coffee-shop bike-friendly? Hell, it’s a bike shop! You can’t get more bike-friendly than that. It has a small bike rack out front, and the coffee shop is right inside where you can watch your bike through the glass window so no lock needed.

Ride length: 72 miles because I didn’t add on any miles cause I wimped out.


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