Drove to work

For the first time in months, I drove to work rather than biked.  I’ve had a stiff sore neck for over a week, and it’s getting worse.  It was painful to ride a bike to work yesterday and so I planned to drive today. Under the circumstances, I am glad I did.

Though I much prefer cycling, driving on a rare occasion isn’t so bad, provided you are patient and just accept whatever traffic you get.  At least you’ve got a temperature-controlled environment, protection from the elements, and NPR.

I actually learned something interesting from NPR today.  They ran a story about Finns who, unlike most Americans, remain physically active when the are adults.  They play soccer, ski, bike, etc.  Their employers encourage it, and even let them play soccer during work hours. Reportedly 1/2 of women bike to work, and 1/3 of men. How Finns Make Sports Part Of Everyday Life  Let’s get going America!

My drive time to work today: 57 minutes.  Normal bike time: under 50. It’s almost always faster to bike to work.  I have found I can get home a bit quicker driving, however, if I leave after 6 p.m.  All things considered, it takes about the same time to drive as to bike.  The way I’ve always looked at bike commuting is I get two workouts per day without any real time commitment, since I’d otherwise be spending that time commuting.

I don’t know why more people haven’t figured this out and begun bike commuting.  But frankly I’m glad because I’d hate to see the bike trails congested.