Coffeeneuring week 6 – Nolan and I do 2

Saturday, Nov. 8

We did our usual ride to Clemyjontri, with a stop at McLean Family Restaurant for lunch.  On the ride home, we went to Starbucks on Route 7 towards Tysons Corner.  The Starbucks near the Whole Foods.  Nolan had chocolate milk.  I had an Americano.  We also had pastries.  What can I say? The coffee was okay. Not as good as I expected.  This used to be my go to drink at Starbucks.  The coffee cake was fine, the croissant I have to say was pretty good.  Nolan was actually in a not so good mood, and I fell backwards and hit my head badly.  Probably my least fun coffee stop with Nolan.

Total distance: 14 mile ride total, though the Starbucks is probably just 1+ miles from our house.  Bike-friendliness: Like Burger 7 from last week, it’s in a shopping center on Route 7, and there’s no bike rack anywhere as far as I can tell.  But again, if we can get there anyone can.

Here’s a picture of Nolan at Clemyjontri:

Nolan 3

Does it look like last week’s photo? Yup, he wanted another photo on the rock.

Sunday, Nov. 9

Nolan got me up early and had me turn on the TV.  I was wrapped up in a blanket lying down when he brought me his cycling shorts and tights (we’d left them in the living room yesterday) and said “bike ride.”  When I didn’t jump up immediately, he pulled the blanket off me and commanded “Get ready.” So I did.

We rode to Anita’s in Vienna for breakfast.  As usual, this was more of a food trip than a coffee trip.  If you’ve never eaten at Anita’s, you’ve missed out.  It serves New Mexican food.  Their breakfasts are particularly good.  I have breakfast here regularly once a month and then commute to work by bike (14 miles from there).  There’s nothing like a big breakfast at Anita’s complete with refried beans to fuel a bike ride.

I had the Mr. T Breakfast and coffee (like other restaurants we’ve visited, they have coffee and decaf).  Here’s a photo:

Mr T

Nolan had French Toast with milk:

Nolan 2

Total distance was about 6 miles.

Bike-friendliness:  The W&OD goes through Vienna.  We rode on roads (Cedar Lane to Electric Avenue to side streets) to get there, and took the W&OD to Virginia Lane and then side streets home.


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